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Making plans to move your office or business or industrial plant? First comes that one critical decision: choosing the mover. We can help. Move your company most anywhere in New England with D&R Riggers & Movers. Don’t use multiple vendors to handle your move. D&R does it all -- and that translates into a more efficient, better-organized move. Our staff is team-oriented and focused on quality customer service. Your goals are our goals. We’ll meet or exceed your expectations. How can we help?

I’m moving my office/offices. A typical moving company is more equipped for residential moves. But D&R has the specialized commercial equipment needed to accomplish even large-scale moves. We can even move multiple offices at the same -- without compromising quality! 

I need to move my business. Moving businesses is what we do. We will move your entire business, including offices, equipment, IT, electronics, storage facilities, inventory, furniture, everything. We’ve done this for 60+ years.

I need industrial moving and plant relocation experts. As you might imagine, this type of move is complicated. In order to be successful, it requires thorough planning. You’ll need riggers and crates and skidding and a specialized team of very talented people. We’re ready when you are.

I am a huge believer in telling a company when their employees do right by me. Please tell the crew that loaded my equipment out on Friday…THANK YOU!! They did an awesome job. Everything was ready when the first truck (of 8) arrived. They were nothing but professional even when we had to move items 2 and 3 times to make the load work on the trailers. I even had a driver tell me that he was surprised how well everything went on his truck and how secure the load was for the trip. I have worked with a lot of movers and riggers over the years and it takes a lot to impress me. You did!”
-- Bill P., Fullerton, California

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