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Portable Storage In New England Through Go Mini’s

So you thought this was a page offering portable storage in New England through D&R Riggers & Movers. Actually, this is a page offering portable storage through Go Mini’s Moving & Portable Storage.

Go Mini’s is affiliated with D&R Riggers & Movers. Go Mini’s is also affiliated with the fine local moving company diggins & ROSE. One happy family offering different moving and storage solutions. You can trust us because we are all the same company.

Go Mini’s Portable Storage

Go Mini’s® portable storage makes commercial storage easy, economical, and flexible enough to fit your changing needs. Why worry about searching for a place to store your items when we can bring the storage to you? Load the container yourself or we will load it for you. Store it on your property or on ours. Everything is simple with portable storage.

Why Might Your Business Need Portable Storage?

Enjoy extra storage space while you renovate your business. Buy items in bulk, save money, then store those items in our portable storage containers. Use as on-site storage for seasonal and overstock items. Store out-of-season equipment. Safely store (and quickly access) records or other important documents. We know you’ll come up with a few other great uses.

You’ll Love Go Mini’s Portable Storage Containers

They’re the best containers in the industry. Compared to PODS® or other storage containers, ours have the features you’ll want and need, including:

  • Vents that can be closed or opened for airflow
  • Translucent roofs that allow better lighting
  • Both of the above features protect against mold and mildew
  • Containers are 8” off the ground to permit airflow, keep the floor above water
  • Padded wheels that protect driveways
  • Snag-free interior walls and floors, which maximize protection of your items
  • Built to protect against inclement weather.
  • Can be moved while loaded
  • Various lengths: 12’, 16’, and our signature 20’

Do we have your interest? Then why not give us a call to discuss? There no obligation. But if you’d like a bit more information first, please visit Go Mini’s Moving & Portable Storage website.

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